Thursday, October 10, 2013

DIY Friday: No Sew Bow

new sew bow tutorial -

Hi, my wonderful readers!
 Today, we are going to be making a no sew bow. It is supper cute and supper easy. 
Hope you enjoy! 

new sew bow tutorial -
These are the supplies you are going to need 
fabric (15"x 8")
hot glue gun

fold the long edge the center of the fabric 

hot glue the edge

fold the opposite long edge and stick it to the hot glue 

take the short edge and fold to the center

take your hot glue and run a strip along the edge 

stick the opposite edge to the glue 

cut a strip of fabric about 1 inch wide by about 4 inches long

scrunch the bow together and in the creases glue

and hold for about 10 seconds

wrap the strip of fabric around the center of the bow 

and glue in the back 

cut off the exes fabric

new sew bow -

Send me a picture of your bow(s) at

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