Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Where to get neckties for crafting

Hi, my wonderful readers. Welcome to Tip Tuesday.

   Today's tip answers the question: Where is the best place to get one of the supplies you are going to need for this weeks DIY? NECKTIES!

   The best place to get neckties is your local thrift store. I went there just the other day "treasure hunting", as my family calls it, and found some awesome ties for only 99 cents. What a deal! So if you want to be prepared for this weeks DIY then head to your local thrift store and pick some up. 

These are the  neckties I chose. 

     p.s. don't be afraid to do a little hunting for the best deal and the cutest tie. Also don't forget to check back for DIY Fridays. 

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